Time to Get That Raise

Time to Get That Raise

Oct 16, 2018

Career Strategy


When you first got your job, you were so thankful and amazed, you didn’t question the offer or negotiate for more. Over the years you’ve caught whispers of how much other people are making and it’s almost infuriating that new people come in the door and earn more than you do! I know you talk about it every day with that work friend you step off the desk with. Well, let’s stop talking and do something about it together! Let’s create an airtight ask for a raise.

Recent research found that despite the 10-20% wage gap, women ARE asking for raises as often as men do. They just aren’t getting the raises. How do we break out of the cycle and ask for that raise in a strategic way that will get you the results you’re looking for? Well, you show up to the ask with an airtight case. If you join my free She Needs A Raise 5 day Facebook challenge, I’ll share the exact way I was able to negotiate a 25% raise while working at one of Wall Street’s most prestigious firms. In less than 10 minutes each day, we will work together to create a compelling ask that will either get you the raise or let your decision makers know you should be strongly considered when the time is right. So sign up to get your seat and your She Needs A Raise strategy map today.

If you’re too nervous to ask for a raise or get very nervous at the thought of it, this challenge is for you! I have developed a turnkey process that will make this process that will help you get through the nerves and start SCALING YOU CAREER.


When you join me in this Challenge, you’ll get a bunch resources including:

  • A strategy roadmap for making your ask
  • Facebook Live daily masterclass sessions with me
  • A private, pop-up Facebook community where you can bounce around ideas and have your questions answered by me And the best part? Each daily challenge only takes 5-10 minutes!

I can’t wait to get to know you all and seek you reach your goals!

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