Episode 104: How To Create A Content Strategy

Episode 104: How To Create A Content Strategy

Sep 8, 2020


For this episode, we’re talking about what a content strategy is, why you need one, and how to create one for your brand.
Every week I get asked some variation of the question, “Where do you get all your content ideas?” The short answer is, I have a content strategy. NOT a content calendar but a content STRATEGY.
As a business owner, I’ve learned that I need to create content that not only attracts my ideal clients but also converts them. ⠀

So how do I figure out what to post and where? My approach to producing content is driven by my content strategy and ultimately by my business goals.

Let’s dive into a few steps you can take to create a content strategy of your own.
Here are the cliff notes of what we discussed:
What is a content strategy and Why does your business need one?

A content strategy is simply a plan for how you will use your assets — such as pictures, graphics, blog posts, podcast episodes, videos, etc. to demonstrate your expertise to your ideal customer.

It takes A LOT of effort to create great content so you want to make sure you’re being thoughtful about WHY you’re creating it and WHAT ROI you hope to get from it.

We’ve talked on here about buyer personas and the journey potential customers take before they finally buy from you.

Part of creating a content strategy is being able to match the needs of potential customers at every point in their journey to purchasing from you.

For example, most people find me through my podcast when they are looking for inspiration and resources in the business or entrepreneurship lifestyle space.

  • As they dig further into who I am as a host, they find me on Instagram, they get on my list and go on my site.
  • At this point, they are evaluating if they trust me enough to pay me to solve their problem.

So it’s important that I provide them with content that not only nurtures them but also provides them with enough receipts to take the next step with me.

Where to start with your content strategy?
Know who your ideal customer is. You need to know who your ideal customer is in order to speak to their pain points.
Map out their journey to purchasing from you and create content that will Attract > Convert > Close them.

If you’re not aware, This IG live is one of the ways I attract new clients. I also turn the live into a podcast episode which as I mentioned is another place people first come across me as they are searching for solutions.

  • I’ve had topics such as:
    > 3 ways to land your first consulting clients
    > 5 Ways To Get Re-inspired
    > 3 Steps To Creating A Personal Brand

    Those lives often come with a call to action to learn more.

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