Episode 170: How To Start A Jewelry Business with Maya Portorreal

Episode 170: How To Start A Jewelry Business with Maya Portorreal

May 12, 2022


If you’ve ever had a bad reaction to costume jewelry, you’ll understand why today’s guest, Maya Portorreal, launched Kitten Co Jewelry. After not being able to find affordable jewelry that didn’t irritate her skin, she created a custom line of .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry that is water-safe and sensitive skin-friendly.

She turned her $800 initial investment into a $472k/year business. In this episode, Maya is sharing all the details of how she built Kitten Co Jewelry. From finding her manufacturers to growing fast with influencers and Facebook ADs, she’s sharing it all!

If you’re ready to learn the blueprint for launching a successful jewelry business, hit the play button!

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You’ll learn:

  • How much to invest in starting a jewelry business
  • Finding a jewelry manufacturer overseas
  • Deciding on the ideal price for your jewelry
  • Managing inventory
  • Using Facebook ADs and Influencers to grow

Mentioned in this episode:

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