Episode 92: 4 Ways To Go From Small Business Owner To CEO

Episode 92: 4 Ways To Go From Small Business Owner To CEO

Jul 28, 2020


Not all entrepreneurs are CEOs.

Building a business that lasts, requires that your actions and mindset move from those an entrepreneur making moves to a that CEO executing for growth. ⠀

If the ousting of the founders of Uber and WeWork taught us anything, it’s that the skills it takes to start your business won’t take it to the next level. ⠀

So how do you know if you’re operating as a CEO or as an entrepreneur? ⠀

As a reminder, this series of episodes are recorded during our weekly Instagram live so from time to time, you may hear me responding to comments from the audience, or hear the voice of someone I’ve invited to come on live with me.

Here’s the cliff notes version of what I share in the episode:

  •  Set aside time to work on your physical and mental health.

    • Building a business can take a toll.
    • A well-rested mind brings clarity.
  • Work ON your business vs. in your business.

    • You’ve probably heard me say this before and I will say it again. When you first start your business, you wear many hats. Be aware of which hat you have on.
    • You probably won’t be in a position to hire a CEO or a general manager right away but create an org chart so when the time comes, you know what to delegate.
  • Get intimate with your strategic plan

    • Every leader needs a playbook. A strategic plan is a CEO playbook that should guide your vision, mission, goals, and actions over the long term. Every CEO needs one to reference.
  • Set aside time for a CEO day

    Things to do during your CEO day:

  • Take time to meet with your team and really LISTEN to their concerns and ideas [Management by Walking Around is a term coined by management guru Tom Peters.]
  • Study your market trends, competitors, and find opportunities to collaborate.
  • Think through your plans for growth? Will you build, buy, or partner?
  • Look at your numbers. How much revenue are you generating? What are your costs and how can you get them down. Learn how to read a profit and loss statement.

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You’ll learn about:

    • 3 Ways you can land your initial consulting clients.

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